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H. Bohlmeier & Co.
Founded in 1928

Das Gebäude

Our family owned business is specialized in the production of "shoulder boxes".
We produce high quality packaging for tobacco products, confectionary, cosmetics
and perfumes. Due to the unique construction of the shoulder box we are able to
offer our clients a special rigid box with a very efficient production process. With
regard to that we have put together some information in the menu items "Shoulder
box construction" and "Products".

However, in order to give you a complete impression about the feel, look and
construction of the shoulder box, we would be delighted to provide you with
further information. That includes creating hand-made samples tailored to your
requirements or sending over a collection of reference boxes.

In any case we will be happy to hear about your interest in an unique packaging:
the shoulder box.

Our company is a flexible producer of specialized packaging, able to react quickly
to our clients needs and to develop new packaging concepts on short notice. That
means at the beginning of a project we provide you with a selection of hand-made
samples to give an impression how the product will be displayed in a shoulder box.
If you are satisfied with one of our initial ideas we assist the design team with adapt-
ing the artwork to a shoulder box. In sequence we provide another sample made
with the first digital proofs, making sure that the final product is exactly how you
have imagined it.

For us it does not matter if you are planning to create a new packaging for a large
FMCG brand, or if you are only planning to do a small quantity for promotion

We are very concerned about flexibility and quality, therefore the whole production
process from printing to producing the shoulder box is in house. This is the best
way to react swiftly to short notice changes, moreover the quality standards are
consistent throughout the whole production process.

Did we raise your interest for the shoulder box?
We will be very happy to hear from you.

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